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Starting a website from new! Tips! | iPage Designer

iPage DesignerIt can be a bit daunting, even for the more seasoned web designers! Starting a site from new, can be a bit overwhelming. What to do, what not to do! How long have you got? Boy can setting up a new site eat into your own time! Here are our own top tips!

1 – Start a list of priorities! Grab an actual pad and pen, or iPad if you can grab your hands on one! Start to pencil out what you want from the site.
2 – Don’t be afraid to look at the competitions designs. You may have some great ideas, but take time to checkout other internet sites that are simular out on the internet!
3 – Prepare any images for use on the various sites designs you may want to use them on. For logo’s etc, Mobile variations, square versions for Twitter and Facebook badges and so on. Also ensure you save some higher resolution versions for print use. You may need to print business cards or letter heads afterall!
4 – Backup, Backup and err BACKUP! Make sure you have copies of your site, if you are using a database, designs, then invest some time in making sure your data is backed up too. The more oftern the better!
5 – Password overload! You are about to hit a new wave of passwords to remember. Make sure you either keep a list safe, hide them in a document or spreadsheet somewhere (password protected). For all areas, emails, social sites and so on all need passwords. Keep them safe and easy to remember.

This site is slowly coming together as an example! I will update this article as I come along more top tips for you and the designs come to life!

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