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WordPress Design

You may be aware of it, heard someone mention it, perhaps recommend it? But now you want it, WordPress of course! Now at last you have someone local in Derby, East Midlands, who can help get you setup with the wonders that WordPress offers.

What is WordPress

UK WordPress Designer and DeveloperWordPress is a very powerful tool, originally designed for internet blogs, but now the main software used in many websites today. It’s extensive content management system (CMS), offers the novice and the more experienced easy to use control over their website. From pages, news articles, blog updates, images, photo galleries and social interaction like Twitter or Facebook, you control it all.

WordPress Local Specialist

As a WordPress specialist, based in Derby our services for new WordPress designs, WordPress website updates or assistance are available for you. We cover Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, well the Midlands in general. If you are further afield, but like what we do, then get in touch and tell us more.

WordPress UK Hosting?

But where can I store / keep / host my WordPress site I here you cry. Well from my own experience there are a few hosts out there that ‘claim’ to be able to host a WordPress site, but when it comes down to, they just fail everytime!

We don’t want you to waste time setting up a whole WordPress site, hosting, email and the works, only to find that it fails to work as it should. We can offer you affordable and reliable UK WordPress Hosting, from a secure UK Datacentre. This site runs on the very same hosting service.

Any Examples?

Some of the sites in our Portfolio are WordPress sites too and we use WordPress for our own site iPage Designer. All clients are different in what they want from a WordPress site or blog, so don’t be afraid to ask if you want your WordPress site to do work in a particular way or perhaps work for mobiles, iPhones etc?

We must admit one thing though! We spend more time working on clients sites than we do our own, so please don’t take this site as a 100% example of what we can do! Honest!

Get in touch and request a Website Quote Online, tell us more and we will see how we can help!

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