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Considering a Mobile Friendly Website?

You may or may not be aware of a recent change this month from the mighty Google. A change that really will see you loose your position in SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) if you don’t move with the times. The change is the priority placement of mobile and responsive ready websites over those who are not. If your website is not optimised or mobile friendly, then any searches carried out for your business or keywords (services / products) you are trying to get traffic from on a mobile device, then you will be loosing out over those who are mobile friendly. We cannot say we did not see this coming, as even more searches carried out today than ever are being carried out on mobile devices. The smartphone has completely found its place in todays mobile savvy society along with the rise in use of tablets too. Lets face it, just how easy is it to search out that restuarant, next holiday or high street bargain from your mobile? Rather than then not place your order or use the mobile to complete the transaction, Google wants website owners to make the experience even better so you can complete your transaction or place your business with your mobile. Yes Desktop still has its place and sure, some would rather complete their holiday booking are large scale purchase on a desktop, but the starting point today is on a tablet or mobile. So how do I go mobile with my website? You need to consider either a site rebuild, a mobile site that runs along your main site or perhaps... read more

Updating our Own Website!

Guilty as charged… We have been neglecting our very own website recently, so thought it about time to get this back up to speed. In some ways its a great thing, we have been so busy with other clients sites, that we have not had the time to completely update our own. Well the work has started and over the next few weeks, we hope we will be able to provide an easy to navigate, clear and informative site about the services on offer from iPage Designer. It will not only be fully responsive (finally!), so it can be viewed clearly and concisely on tablets and mobiles, but we are planning to include more information, tips and tricks to help anyone who wants to get that little but more from their own site. We hope you like it and if it works as well as it should, we hope to be able to offer the framework, as an available starting point to any new clients who want the very best responsive website for their own site too. Watch this site for details, and follow us on the usual social sites for... read more

What is a QR Code and Why your Business should use them.

If haven’t spotted them all ready, you will do soon. Next time you visit an attraction, tourist spot, restaurant or shop, these little odd looking images will appearing at a counter near you. What is a QR Code? A QR code is very similar to a bar code, in application and use. It looks like this: A square image with blocks of smaller black and white spots. It can be used by modern day smart phones, like iPhones and Android handsets as these come with high quality cameras to scan the image / code. An application or ‘app’ on these smart phones would be used to scan the code and then allow the user to interact with the business they are visiting. For example, you could use the Ebay app or Red Laser app on your mobile phone. Open the app and then use your camera on the phone to ‘scan’ the QR code. You will then be prompted to either visit a web page or other application. Why should my Business use QR Codes? Well, if you like customers to call again, stay in touch or join a mailing list, then QR codes are for you. The following types of businesses are perfect for QR codes: Shops & Trade Counters Visitor Attractions Bars / Coffee Shops Restaurants, Pubs & Caf├ęs Exhibitions and Kiosks You would put up a QR code in your establishment or on your stand where customers can easily scan the image. Tell them what it is for and what they will gain too if they give your QR code a scan. Give them an incentive... read more

Google does not like Duplicate Websites, is yours?

Did you know that Google and other search engines may be seeing 2 versions of your website? This doesn’t go down too well with Google and others and adds to your site basically providing duplicate content, which is a bad thing in general. Duplicate Websites / Duplicate Content? If you copy pages within your website and have the same content on 2 or more pages, then this is duplicate page content, but if you can access your website with or without the www then your whole site is running as 2 sites. You can stop this and I will show you how in a moment. Google and others only have micro seconds to decide if you are trying to fool it or mislead it in any way. You can help Google decide this, quickly and effectively, when it comes to Duplicate Websites. How to check if my website is running a Duplicate Website? Go to your normal internet browser and enter the name of your website as follows. I have used our own for this example, you would of course use your own domain name!: http://ipagedesigner.co.uk and press enter. 1 – Does your website appear as it should? 2 – Does your URL in the address bar still show it without the www, like this http://ipagedesigner.co.uk 3 – Or does it now show your website WITH the www, like this: http://www.ipagedesigner.co.uk If it does show you it with the www, then you should be OK. I have another tip to help check in a moment too. If your website did not appear at all, then you need to contact... read more

Promoting your New Website Tips! Part 1

Promoting Online – Remember those Sites, Passwords & Usernames! So you have got your site together, it looks great and you now want to tell the world you are ready for them. Great! You start creating your Google Accounts, Twitter and Facebook pages, perhaps you have some video content, so off to YouTube you go too! STOP right there! Before you get carried away, make sure you get a couple of things straight. A username and password set you can use to carry across all of these sites (if possible /available). Perhaps like us, you have a fairly unique name, iPageDesigner. Great, just make sure you carry this username in the same format on each social site you register with. Don’t be tempted to say use iPageDesigner on some sites and iPage-Designer on others. It not only confuses you, when you try to login to these sites, but it also confuses your brand (if you are keen to create one) and your followers too. Keep it simple, and use the same username format for all. Its a whole lot easier in the long run. Create a social email account! Even better setup an email account, just for your social websites too. A seperate email account for all your social sites will also mean you can keep track of your new found followers, friends, requests, updates and so on… It helps you keep track of whats going on. You will have enough in your inbox already, so it really is best to keep this whole new area of online marketing, where you can see it. Passwords There is nothing wrong... read more

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