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Updating our Own Website! | iPage Designer

Guilty as charged… We have been neglecting our very own website recently, so thought it about time to get this back up to speed.

In some ways its a great thing, we have been so busy with other clients sites, that we have not had the time to completely update our own. Well the work has started and over the next few weeks, we hope we will be able to provide an easy to navigate, clear and informative site about the services on offer from iPage Designer.

It will not only be fully responsive (finally!), so it can be viewed clearly and concisely on tablets and mobiles, but we are planning to include more information, tips and tricks to help anyone who wants to get that little but more from their own site.

We hope you like it and if it works as well as it should, we hope to be able to offer the framework, as an available starting point to any new clients who want the very best responsive website for their own site too.

Watch this site for details, and follow us on the usual social sites for updates!

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